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John Beresch Contracting is an experienced home renovations company that makes installing your new windows a breeze…….on the outside.

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Tired of those old drafty windows? Drafty windows are proven to drive up heating bills and waste precious resources. With growing focus on the environment, government energy credits have become available. That means now is the time to start saving your money by reducing heating and cooling bills while still updating the curb appeal of your home.

We all know that every dollar counts - and having old windows that let cold air inside in the winter and let heat escape in the winter make it so that you are literally throwing money out the window. The Poconos and surrounding areas in Northeast PA have very cold winters and very hot summers - being able to save energy and money with replacement windows makes them a great investment.

If you are not sure about how much it will cost, or how the process is done, or how long it will take then take the time to call us today and we'll explain in detail the entire process. Don't go with an unreliable contractor - we make sure our projects are done right the first time and are there with you from the start to finish.

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